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Bread Baking Classes In Paris

We have heard that the French will not line up anywhere but the local bakery. With a crisp crust and soft interior, who wouldn't?  

If you want to learn how to make your very own baguette, look no further! The Baguettes and Boulangerie class is the perfect class for you. 


When it comes to dough-making and bread-shaping, the French are the best! The tradition goes back generations with craftsman starting to learn the trade at a very young age. 

Join us for a three-hour bread-making workshop in Paris to learn the secrets of the French baguette! With just four ingredients, baguettes are all about the technique. During the class, you will make, from start to finish, your own selection of French breads: Baguettes Parisiennes (miniature versions of the baguette) and fougasses (artisanal breads filled with a variety of ingredients such as cheeses, spices, dried fruits, and nuts). You'll learn how to replicate the baguette, and the rest of the treats, using products and utensils you have at home. This includes which type of flour to use, and tips on how to use your own home oven to create the classic crunchy baguette! We focus as much on technique as we do on history: including why every place you buy a baguette is not necessarily a “boulangerie.”

From pétrissage à la main (kneading and working your bread by hand) to scarification du pain (scarification of bread), in this workshop you will learn the terms, techniques and applications to create your very own baguettes and turn 'chez vous' into your personal boulangerie.


Is your French a little rusty? Don't worry: all our classes are taught completely in English!

To book this class (or any of our other classes), please see our class calendar for availabilities 


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