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French Brioche

   "Let them eat cake!", as the famous quote from Marie-Antoinette goes. If she actually said it or not is debated, but what we know for sure is that the quote in French says brioche, nothing else.

  If you, like us, find it difficult to imagine a perfect French breakfast or brunch without these part-bread, part-cake, buttery and delicious treats - come and join us for a fun cooking class and master the French classic - brioche 

  Join us to learn the fundamentals of this classic French creation and take away the techniques you’ll need to perfect your own at home!

 In this three-hour class you will learn to make brioche "pâte levée" (yeasted dough) and techniques of shaping. In addition to classic brioche rolls, you will also test your new skills to create several variations: learn the techniques to craft varied and artistic brioche presentations and add a little extra to your dough to create Brioche aux Pralines (brioche with pink candied almonds!) and Baba (brioche soaked in a delicious sugar syrup!) and how to caramelize home-made pink praline. You will of course learn everything there is to know about yeast, gluten, kneading and rising time.

After the hard work, enjoy your creations here with us, warm from the oven! Each participant will have a goodie box to take away their creations (what is left of them!) 



Is your French a little rusty? Do not worry: all of our classes are taught completely in English!  


To book this class (or any of our other classes), please see our class calendar for availabilities.
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