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French Croissant Classes

 The croissant - the king of all breakfast treats, has certainly earned its place on the breakfast table and in our hearts. But where to find the best one, you might ask... right here at la Cuisine Paris, of course, where you will learn how to make your own buttery, homemade croissants!   

If you would like to master the croissant and its cousins pain au chocolat, pain au raisin and more, this is the class for you! 


Those famous warm and buttery croissants, belles of the breakfast ball! Known and loved by many. This is your chance to learn the secrets to creating these flakly little French delights. During the course of the three-hour class, you will work on creating, from start to finish, the classic French croissant as well as its famous accompaniments such as pain au chocolat, pain suisse, pain au raisin, and more!  After all of the hard work, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor - tea and coffee will be served for you to enjoy along side your homemade croissants!  What you cannot eat here on site, you will be able to take home with you in a box we provide you with.



   Is your French a little rusty? Do not worry: all of our classes are taught in English!




To book this class (or any of our other classes), please see our class calendar.

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