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French Food Tours In Paris

If filling your belly goes in hand with feeding your brain, join us for one of our French Food Tours where the focus is on exploring 'outside' the Kitchen.



Bellies on Foot - Food Discovery of Paris



 Did you know that there used to be a food market in the Les Halles area of Paris for almost 900 years? We will follow in that tradition and take you on a cultural and culinary tour of the historic Parisian Les Halles area. We will visit the foundations of the France culinary scene: from famous cooking equipment stores, to some of the oldest and finest French delicacies you can imagine: cheesemonger, foie gras, gourmet and pastries shops. Along the tour we will collect delicacies from each store and the best thing is that you get to sample and enjoy all of the goodies with a glass of wine back at the school.


To book this tour (or any of our other tours or classes) check out our class calendar for availabilities.

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