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French Technical Classes

They make it look so simple, don't they? The French seem to be able to do everything from deboning chickens to whipping up perfect sauces, all in their sleep. Do you want to know how they do it? 

If you enjoy cooking and want to learn how to master some of the more technical parts of French cuisine, then our series of French Cuisine Technical Classes is for you! 



Our three-hour French Cuisine Technical Classes focus from start to finish on a particular technique whilst creating the meal that you will enjoy and show off afterwards! 

 We offer two technical classes that focus on two different areas of French cuisine:


  Poultry (Volaille) Technical Class

 If you long for a cooking experience that is fun and has a more rigorous element of technical application, then join our three-hour Poultry (Volaille) Technical Classes. You will learn and apply the following techniques:

How to debone your fowl

How to make chicken stock, and its various applications

How to make ‘paupiettes’ (stuffed chicken parcels)

 Once you have produced your masterpiece, you will be able to enjoy it with your fellow chefs over a glass of wine


Sauces Technical Class 

No French meal would be complete without a delicious sauce to accompany your meal.  Learn both classic Hot and Cold Emulsion Sauces plus a few to fancy up your dessert! 


Is your French a little rusty? Do not worry: all of our classes are taught in English!



To book these classes (or any of our other classes), please see our class calandar for availabilities.

For the Poultry Technical class, look for this symbol: