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Paris Cooking Classes In English

  I bet you have often wondered how the French Cuisine can be so simple yet intriguing. With everything from macarons to soufflé, from tarte tatin to coq au vin - how do they do it? 

    If you want to learn how to make taste French dishes and get cooking in Paris, then join us! Here at La Cuisine Paris we love to surround ourselves with everything tasty in Paris: From hands on Cooking Classes in English to getting out and about exploring the food scene through our Foodie Walks



When we began to create the La Cuisine Paris programme of English speaking French cooking classes in Paris, we kept very close at heart the spirit of gourmet events for those that are not only curious, but also ‘epicurious’ and love a grand palate of experiences. From beginning to end, for those more experienced, to those that want to ‘dip’ there toe in, the French cooking classes at La Cuisine Paris have something to offer all.


  We have created our cooking classes in Paris to be a complement to your schedule, ranging between 2 and 4 hours, they are long enough for you to enjoy time with us and short enough for you to accommodate other fun engagements in Paris! Here at La Cuisine Paris we have three kitchens to welcome you, all with their distinct character: two in a typical Parisian Cave, celler, the other on the second floor of the school. Each kitchen has a dedicated dining area for private and longer class experiences.


 On our class calendar of hands on cookery classes in English you will find:Classical French Cuisine Lunch Classes, Classical French Cuisine Dinner Classes, French Pastery Classes, Macaron Classes, Corissant Classes, Baguette Classes, The French Market Class  much and more ! You will find the date of our cooking classes, menus and prices of each of our cooking classes. All of the classes you find on our calender are taught in English.  


 Lastly, beyond ensuring that your experience with us is nothing but ‘delicious’, we want to make sure that finally you are able to transport the ‘savoir faire’ home with you. With this in mind, we kept it simple – far from the technicalities of the professional equipment – you will enjoy cooking class in a practical manner, and above all, we want to with fun!