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The Best Picnic Spots in Paris

Saturday 30 Apr 2022 / Category: Things to do in Paris

What we like to consider as the extension of our dining room

It's that time of year when the most pressing question is, where are we going to picnic ?! We always get this question around this time of year. After a little research we noticed this ever important question usually arises following our Baguette Class (after of course we jokingly say 'all you need is wine and fromage and you're good to go!') and following our Macaron classes - because Macarons are the ultimate in transportable desserts !

Let's face it, with blue skies and a little sunshine, anywhere in Paris is perfect for a picnic, just don't forget a blanket and your sun cream! To help you explore our little piece of Paris, we put together a little list of spots we love.

Square du Temple

One of our top Paris picks for North Marais spots, and it happens to be just a stone's throw from the Marché des Enfants Rouges and rue Bretagne which are both great spots to fill your picnic basket with goodies. Once you are in the square, keep an eye out for a roving chicken or two.

Place Louis Aragon

Just half way across the Seine as you approach Notre Dame, on the Ile Saint Louis, we love this little Seine-level spot equipped with the most perfect tree to shelter you from the sun. (It also helps that we can see it, longingly, from our dining room !) Don't forget that if you are looking for your edible options, you have the Ile Saint Louis just there with tons of options, including the original Berthillon ice cream.

Square Jean XXIII - for when it opens again to the public

Just at the back of Notre Dame, which we find to be the most magical view, you also have a little park to enjoy your picnic time nibbles. It's a wonderful chance to be near the 'lady', enjoy her hourly bell serenade and take in the quieter side of Notre Dame. If you happen to time it with a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, you can do all your Market shopping at one of our favorite Markets, Marché Maubert.

Place des Vosges

It's no wonder that this spot in particular is a huge attraction in itself. The super scenic Place de Vosges is a 'must get there early spot'. A perfect place to enjoy your sandwich among some of the most expensive properties in Paris! You'll want to do your picnic shopping prior to getting there as there isn't much around in the way of stores, however with a quick visit to Maison Plission, the luxury grocery store, that is just on the main boulevard, you will be good to go.

Place Louis Aragon

Places des Vosges

Square Barye

The 'other' tip of Ile Saint Louis, fitted with a little park for you to enjoy. In fact, during the summer months, you can expect a ring of Paris Picnickers all around the Island!

Hôtel Salé - Léonor Fini Garden

Just at the back of the beautiful Musée Picasso. If you are feeling lazy, grab yourself a pizza from Pink Flamingo.

Square René Viviani

Just across the water from us and in the shadows of Notre Dame, enjoy this quiet little garden. It also happens to be well placed just net to the famous Shakespeare & Co which has also extended their family with a new bright and lovely cafe.

Just below La Cuisine Paris

Thanks to the efforts of Mayor Hildago, we have tons of new green space to enjoy on the Quai de l'hôtel de Ville! All the Voie Georges Pompidou has been closed. This patch of grass in particular is our absolute favorite, we haven't laid a stake or anything, but if you are there on a warm summer evening, chances are you may be rubbing shoulders with one of us!

Square du Temple

Just behind Notre Dame

So grab yourself your favorite fromage, a cripsy baguette (or any other wonderful thing from the boulangerie), perhaps a barquette of plump berries, and of course your favorite beverage, and you are ready to go! Be sure to profitez as much as possible, 'tis the season for the picnic after all.

Take a look at our Handy Map here.

Amusez-vous bien !

FYI - a Picnic would be a great ending to our Baguette Class (after of course we jokingly say 'all you need is wine and fromage and you're good to go!') and following our Macaron classes - because Macarons are the ultimate in transportable desserts !

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