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Friday 25 Nov 2022    French Recipes & more!

*Recipe* Crème Anglaise

A perfect addition to any dessert is the decadent Crème Anglaise (English cream), a dessert staple to add to your cakes, tartes, or even ontop of fresh fruit!

Crème Anglaise (English cream) - the perfect addition to any dessert and a staple to add to all your cakes, tartes, or even simply a top of fresh fruit!

The best part about Crème Anglaise is how simple the recipe is, making it easy to whip up at a moments notice, and your guests wouldn't be none the wiser!


5 (or 100g) egg yolks

100g Sugar

½ l Milk

Vanilla extract


Heat up the milk in a saucepan.

Whisk the eggs and the sugar. Add half of the milk into the egg mixture, mixing continuously. Then add the rest together. Cook on medium to low heat until it thickens Finally, flavor with vanilla extract.

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