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Saturday 15 Apr 2023    Things to do in Paris

The Famous French Strawberry

All about France's Finest Strawberries!

Let's talk about Fraises Francaise (Strawberries).

There are lots of things that France is famous for - and those of you that have enjoyed some of our finest Strawberries will certainly know what we mean. The French Strawberry are pretty serious things and the French have spent a lifetime curating them to be perfectly juicy sweet.

A strawberry is not just a strawberry - heavens no! There are a few that we will be seeing over the next months, each with its own personality and style. The important thing to note is that this is another perfect opportunity for you to do your own vertical tasting and see which one ends up your favorite - hard work, we know!

Below is a little run-down for some of the most popular (there are more to enjoy) for you what and when to expect them at the Market* (subject to the climate of course!)

La Gariguette : The first to appear on the Market and we usually get to enjoy them from March until mid-June. They are produced all throughout France. You'll notice them first on the market, and you can usually distinguish them with their thinner, longer oval shape!

La Charlotte : Soon after the Gariguette, we start to see our round, bulbous shape! Produced mostly in the South West, the Loire and the Rhone-Alpes. Charlotte we get to enjoy usually May through even mid-November.

La Ciflorette : Very similar to the Gariguette in shape, long and oval. Grown primarily in the South of France and you should find them on the Markets March through July.

La Mara des Bois : Another of the rounder variety grown throughout France and usually available mid-May to October. Said to have a taste similar to the Fraise du Bois (without the prices!)

Fraise du Bois : The Rolls Royce of the Strawberry world - and priced accordingly. These are tiny but mighty, packed with flavor. The best amongst them will find their ways to the high end Pastry Boutiques and used for an equally gorgeous and delicious topping. They tend to appear in April, but whenever they do, if you can get your hands on them, you won't regret it!

*don't forget the Market signage will always tell you where they are from! You'll get to discover even rare varieties like below!

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