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Thursday 4 Jan 2018

  • French Technical Courses / Mastering Knife Skills
  • From julienne to batonnet to brunoise ! You will navigate all things involving 'un couteau' from start to finish.

  • Location: La Cuisine Paris, 80 Quai de l'Hôtel de Ville, 75004 Paris
  • Time: 10:00 - 13:00
  • Price: €99.00 Availability: 1 place left

Mastering Knife Skills


From Btonnet and Julienne, to Brunoise and Chiffonade ! Classic French cuisine can be a challenging art, and mastering knife skills will certainly help you unlock some of its secrets.  

In our three-hour Knife Skills class, enjoy the best of both worlds while you create a tasting menu by using fruits, vegetables and herbs to navigate the world of all things couteau!  

After tasting the results, take home the confidence to comfortably slice and dice your way around the kitchen and impress your friends.

In this class you will learn and apply the following techniques:

·         How to choose the correct knife for the right task

·         How to correctly hold, clean and maintain the knife with a honing steel

·         How to create classic French knife cuts, including: Batonnet, Chop, Julienne, Dice, Brunoise, Mince and Chiffonade

·         How to use specific techniques to make it easier to cut different items from herbs to tough rinds

·         How to peel produce using a knife

·         How to combine knife cuts in delicious recipes  

à savoir

Please note that this class has a heavy focus on knife usage, and therefore is only appropriate for adult participation (ages 18 and above). 

This class does not include a sit-down meal experience.  You will eat samples along the way, but we suggest planning a light meal for before or after.

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