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French Culinary Masterclasses

French Culinary Masterclasses

An introduction to our new masterclasses series. These experiences are for those that are passionate about the 'details' and want something above and beyond what our regular series of classes offer.

From our hands-on Best of French Bread Basics, to our Best of French Pastries, join us in the heart of Paris for our intensive classes!

The French Boulangerie Experience - Two Day Masterclass

A two-day French Boulangerie Experience. Learn all there is to know in our two day intensive Masterclass here in the heart of Paris!

French Pastry Masterclass - Fundamentals of French Pastry!

Our hands-on, one-day, everything you need to know about the Fundamentals of French Pastry here in the heart of Paris!

Central Paris Location

Last Minute Course Places

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