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Baking in Paris

Our baking classes are inspired by a classic duo of French icons : Le Croissant and La Baguette!

Join us for three hours of immersive baking and tasting here in the heart of Paris. Whether you're learning the art of 'lamination' to create the perfect Croissant, or kneading your way to the perfect Baguette, our hands-on baking classes will share all the professional secrets you need to recreate the magic in your own kitchen back at home.

Can't get to Paris for the moment? Whether you are a complete beginner or advanced and want a refresh, you can also join us remotely! Be sure to check out our module based Online French Croissant Class and Online French Breads Class !

Le Croissant & Breakfast Pastries

Three hours dedicated to French Viennoiserie - Learn to make Croissants, Chocolate Croissants and other Breakfast Pastries

French Baguettes and ‘Boulangerie’ Class

A three hour baking class in Paris. Learn to make Baguettes and Fougasses just like in the Boulangeries!

Central Paris Location

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