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Paris Cooking Classes / Evening Classes

Discover the Magic of Paris in the Evening - From Appetizers to Dinner to Cheese and Wine!

French Hors d'Oeuvres & Drinks!

Join us for this quintessential pre-dinner social experience as you create beautiful hors d’oeuvres and other small appetizers!

Marais Tour and Cooking Class

Explore the historic Marais neighbourhood before heading back to the kitchen to cook and enjoy a delicious 4-course gourmet meal!

Cheese and Wine Tasting Class

An afternoon dedicated to discovering Cheese and Wine. Taste your way through the best of both French worlds!

French Bistrot Dinners

From Crêpes to Soufflés, master France's favourite dishes with our range of French Bistrot Dinners !

French Holiday Cuisine - Bastille Day!

For those special holiday moments, join us here at La Cuisine Paris for French Holiday themed hands-on cooking classes in the heart of Paris!

Central Paris Location

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