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*Recipe* Flognarde aux Poires

Friday 26 Aug 2022 / Category: French Recipes & more!

This soft, custard like cake is a traditional French dessert said to have originated in the Limousin region in south-central France, although it can be commonly found in the Auvergne and Périgord regions too! Fleugne or flaunhard comes from the Occitan word meaning soft or downy, elluding to how delicate this dessert is!

*Recipe* Flognarde aux Poires

Pear Flognarde


1kg pear
100g flour
100g sugar
3 eggs
5cl cognac
60g melted butter
0,5l hot milk
1 pinch of salt


Preheat the oven at 180°C

Core the pears and cut them into thin slices

Wisk together flour, sugar, eggs, and salt

Add in the cognac and melted butter, then slowly pour in the milk

Butter your cake mold

Add the sliced pears to the bottom, and then pour the batter on top

Bake for 45 min

Unmold & let cool before slicing

Bon appetit!

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