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Tourteau Fromagé

A look into a regional cake in France with an interesting cooking method.

15/12/2016 French Recipes and more!

Macaron Making, all your questions answered!

The chefs get to all of your macaron-making woes with answers to how to make the perfect macaron.

09/11/2016 French Recipes and more!

Tis the Season for the Scallop!

Make the best out of these seasonal sea gems!

24/10/2016 French Recipes and more!

Croissant Cheat Sheet!

Your guide to buttery perfection

21/10/2016 French Recipes and more!

Understanding French Food Labels

French Food Labels - what they are, and what they mean!

19/10/2016 Paris News

French Markets in Paris

Navigating the French Markets in Paris!

19/10/2016 Things to do in Paris

Mustard, (Way) More than a Condiment!

A little history of mustard and the different ways it is used in French cooking.

10/08/2016 French Recipes and more!


A delicious cheese from Savoie!

05/07/2016 The Cheese Guide

Un Dimanche à Paris : A Sunday in Paris

A great listing of different things to do around Paris on a Sunday!

24/06/2016 Things to do in Paris

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