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Wednesday 27 Jun 2018    Things to do in Paris, Paris Guides


Dans le Coin, La Glacerie

We all scream for ice cream in this month's Dans le Coin, where we check out the latest ice cream hotspot in the city...

Did you know you can be a MOF in ice cream? That's Meillur Ouvrier de France - whoever has this illustrious distinction is one of the best at their craft, earning the right to wear the famous French colours on the collar of their immaculate white chef's jacket. Until recently we only knew of one ice cream MOF - Emmanuel Rayon - and you can find him at Une Glace à Paris just a short walk from La Cuisine Paris. 


And now, there's a new kid in town! La Glacerie can be found just moments away on rue du Temple, where you'll find another genius of ice cream. MOF David Wasmaël uses only natural, hand-crafted ingredients in his creations, which include wonderful and wacky flavour combinations such as prune with spiced red wine, or white chocolate and fresh mint with Cointreau, then moreish classics such as rum and raisin, Sicilian pistachio or Spéculoos. 

With the air of a chic perfume boutique or jewellery store, La Glacerie's parquet floors, grey-and-white palette and copper highlights are a treat in themselves. And the elegant presentation doesn't stop there - La Glacerie's ice creams can be bought in tubes - an inédit (novel / innovative) way to package the edible wonder that is ice cream. That way, you just slice off as much as you want to eat. So, the whole tube. 

13 rue du Temple, Paris 75004



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