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Wednesday 31 Jul 2019    Things to do in Paris, Dans le Coin

Our Handy Maps

Every month, we create a map full of hotspots for everything from Baguettes and Picnic spots to the best afternoon teas in Paris. Discover all our handy maps in one handy location!

Lesser-known Historical Gems of Paris! 

Most Paris-philes will already know that you can see amazing architecture at the Louvre; that the Musée d'Orsay was once a huge train station; that Pantheon has lots of very famous people entombed inside it and that the Arc de Triomphe is a really really big arch. But did you know that you can still see the original city walls weaving through the city, that you can find mediaeval towers still standing, that cannonballs can be spotted in the walls of certain old buildings and Art Nouveau masterpieces can still be found? Ready to see all this and more? Check out the handy map!

Where to find Craft Beer in Paris

Connoisseurs of beer and ales will be delighted to hear that the craft beer scene in Paris is on its way up, with lots of microbreweries and discerning bar owners creating fantastic selections just awaiting your discovery. Naturally, we felt a Handy Map was needed to celebrate this growing beer scene, so that we could keep updating it as the happy trend continues! If you're ready to find the best bars, microbreweries and bottle shops in the city, you'll want to click here

Going Gluten Free in Paris

We are often asked about gluten free dining in Paris, so we decided to create a map of the gluten free hotspots in the city to help! There's an increaisng awareness of the need for gluten-free options in Paris and the number of addresses that are gluten-free-friendly is on the rise - great news for those who suffer from gluten intolerance or coealiac disease. What's more, being gluten free in Paris doesn't mean you have to miss out on the good stuff! You needn't mournfully avoid all the pastries and breads for which Paris is so famous. With a growing number of gluten free bakeries, you can stock up on the best Paris has to offer without worrying about gluten.

Ready to explore Gluten Free Paris? 

Best Rooftop Bars in Paris

What could be better than sunshine in Paris? Sunshine on a rooftop in Paris! As warmer temperatures roll in, this month we thought you would appreciate all the spots in Paris where you can enjoy those long evenings, look out over the rooftops of Paris, admire a sweeping view, or even spot the Eiffel Tower - all with a drink in your hand. Bliss! Find it here.

Picnic Spots in Paris

Where do Parisians picnic? Discover all our favourite picnic spots in Paris and join the Parisian tradition of dining and drinking al fresco! Grab a baguette, some cheese and a chilled bottle of rosé and away you go.

The Best Fromageries of Paris

You'll never be without a fromagerie again next time you're in Paris, with the help of this crib sheet ready with addresses, websites and a little description to give you a glimpse of the story behind each cheese-stop. Refer to it again and again or just make your way round each and every one - fair warning though, it may take some time. Find it here

Brunch in Paris

Brunch is its own phenomenon in Paris, and we know just where to find it for prices that won't break the bank! Check out over twenty brilliant brunch spots in Paris to while away a Sunday in style. Find it here

Coffee in Paris

People always ask us where they can find great coffee in Paris, so we decided to dedicate a map to every single place we know does great specialty coffee in Paris - and these addresses often have a lot more to offer too, from amazing cakes and food to outdoor seating. For an easy overview of the best spots for a particular hankering, check out our Essential Guide to Coffee in Paris here

Paris Restaurants with a View

We often get asked where to find restaurants with beautiful views of Paris, so we thought - why not put them all on a handy map for you? Et voila! Here it is.

The 2 and 3 Michelin Star Restaurants of Paris

We decided to track down all the restaurants of Paris which have been decorated with either two or three Michelin Stars - creating a map of some of the most celebrated and innovative dining experiences in the city. Click on each address to learn a little more about each - whether it be the Star Chef, the style of cuisine or the starry setting. Even if it's only vicariously, it's time to enjoy the Michelin Glitz! What's more, you can also read more about the Ten Triple Michelin Star Chefs and Their Restaurants by checking out the link!

The Most Historic Bars & Restaurants in Paris

If you like a little history with your cocktail and plat du jour, this map will direct you to the city's oldest addresses.

The Covered Passages of Paris

These 19th-century passages used to be able to take shoppers almost from one end of the city to the other, but now there are only a handful of them left to explore. Safe from the weather, they are architectural gems full of history and charm, offering the perfect place to step back in time in Paris! 

Markets of Paris

You're in Paris and you need to find your nearest market - but how? Well with our handy map of all the markets in the city, of course! Check it out here, or find a Market for Every Arrondissement in our dedicated blog post!

Where to find Classic French Cuisine in Paris

If you're in search of all the classics - from steak frites and magret de canard to frog's legs - look no further than our handy map of 10 places to find classic French fare, perfectly accompanied by our blog post with all the details!!

Best Baguettes in Paris

Every year the city announces the year's best baguette - in this map, we list the Top Ten Baguettes for the last 3 years, so you'll never be far away from the best baguette in the neighbourhood!

Brain Food

This map rounds up the best museums in Paris with a handy rundown of its appeal, so you can feed your soul during your travels.

Time for Tea

From historic tea boutiques to fancy afternoon tea in some of Paris' most famous hotels, this map is a tribute to all things tea-time

Ice Cream in Paris

Whether you're melting in the mid-summer heat, need a ice-cold pick-me-up or just love ice cream more than is reasonable, our map of the best ice cream spots in Parisis pretty cool. Including our favourite new spot, La Glacerie

Chocolate in Paris

Calling all chocoholics! Join us as we traverse the city in search of the best chocolatiers

Galette des Rois

Discover the best places in Paris to find this festive tart with a fun side, and then read all about its history and how the French enjoy it with our blog post just here!

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