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What's in the Basket

Wednesday 30 Aug 2017 / Category: Things to do in Paris

We will take you on a little stroll starting from the North Marais, heading all the way down to the Quai for the best Paris picnic ever.

Let's start at Maison Plisson, which some describe as the 'Dean and Deluca' of Paris, 93 Boulevard Beaumarchais. Here we will pick up our charcuterie, perhaps a terrine or two and little paté. Also if we can get our hands on it, the very special Jambon Blanc de Paris, we'll keep an eye out for 'Prince de Paris' which is super special! While we are there, let's grab a bit of Beurre de Bordier as we know this will come in handy...

et on y va - we're walking down Boulevard Beaumarchais towards Place de la République.

For the chic-ist picnic around, why not pack in some ofc1bc3eed-2f20-400a-9914-6d555a1bccd9.png
these super cute limited edition Paris collectors plates from our favorite concept store Merci? So lets's pop in there at 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais - they have tons of cute things, including a great kitchen section on the bottom floor. We might get our hands on some other cool gadgets for our picnic utensils.

Continuing on, we are making our way down Rue Vieille du Temple, heading in the direction of the Seine, one of the main arteries of the Marais, from here on out we'll be picking up some more loot!

Because it's warm out, we might stop to pick up a bit of ice cream - and there are tons of ice cream options to choose from!

We're going to swing by Rue des Roisiers and pay a visit to l'As du Falafel at 34 Rue des Rosiers. 


While we love to grab a sandwich from time to time, they also sell a sachet of 10 falafel balls which makes perfect finger food.

Since we are there, we might as well pick up a few sweets from Yann Couvreur (mentioned below) at 23 rue des Rosiers - the main question being do we get one of his delicious fruit tarts, or a lovely éclair?

Back track our way out to Rue Vieille du Temple walking towards the Seine, and we still desperately need a few more staples, wine, fromage and bread.

We cannot pass by one of our favorite stores Ville de Rodez at 22 Rue Vieille du Templesince 1920 they have been the 'go to place' for products 'd’Aveyronnais', wonderful high quality meats, dried sausages, terrines, pâtes, and more! It is the Aladdin's cave of south- west products. There will be at least one or two things to throw in the basket from here.

For wine, we pop back by chez nous - our place, La Cuisine Paris of course! - just on the Quai de 921a41dc-cd40-43bb-a768-6b48bb2cff50.jpgl'Hôtel de Ville, number 80, as we carry a nice little selection of wines and champagne, chilled and ready to go!  We would be happy to pop them open for you and provide a couple of glasses if needed, of course!

Now, to the Islands in Paris and we're almost at our destination! We'll stop by our favorite Fromager and see Frank and his team at La Ferme Saint Aubin...76 Rue Saint-Louis en l'Îlethey'll help us a choose a nice little selection for our platter. Depending on the heat, we might stick with some of the 'harder' fromage, but lets's just see what catches our fancy when we take a look at this :

Luckily Frank has two nice spots for bread, just next to him at number 80 and further down the street at number 40 Rue Saint-Louis en l'Île...

et Voilà! Shopping complete, here we come Seine and you are likely to find us at one of these spots ! 

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