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Les Bouquinistes of Paris

Ever wondered about the story behind the green stalls dotting along the Seine river? Here's a little history on the bouquinistes of Paris!

02/10/2021 Things to do in Paris

French Breads in Paris

A little guide to the vast world of French Breads !

27/09/2021 French Recipes & more!

All About the Best Baguettes in Paris

Every year, Paris hunts out the Best Baguette in the city - and the 2021 winner is...

27/09/2021 Paris News

Meet our Tour de France Producers

Taste these wonderful small French Wine producers!

17/09/2021 The Wine Guide

Top Tips: French Dining Etiquette at Home

Whether you're the guest or the host of a french dinner at home.. use these tips to properly dine à la française!

03/09/2021 French Etiquette Guide

Top Tips: French Time Etiquette

Time is important when you are trying to organise your day in Paris, so here are a few tips to make sure that you know how to 'translate' what you see and hear!

03/09/2021 French Etiquette Guide

Top Tips: French Winter Holiday Etiquette

Learn what the French spend their Winter holidays eating on the special days leading up to New Year's!

03/09/2021 French Etiquette Guide

Top Tips: French Table Etiquette

The do's and don’ts to make sure you are the perfect dinner guest/or host!

03/09/2021 French Etiquette Guide

Ice Cream in Paris

It's that time of year where ice cream is abound! We have been on a search for some of the most interesting ice cream destinations to add to your Paris itinerary!

18/06/2021 Things to do in Paris

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