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Dans le Coin - Maison Aleph

Introducing the new must-try pastry shop in the neighbourhood!

31/10/2017 Things to do in Paris

Mont D'Or

Mont D'Or a delicious cheese you melt in the oven for a fondue like experience.

23/09/2017 The Cheese Guide

What's in the Basket

Heading out for a picnic in Paris? Here are our top tips of where to do your picnic shopping!

30/08/2017 Things to do in Paris

Ask a Local : Christian Holthausen

This month we talk to Christian Holthausen, one of our favorite people in the champagne world!

05/07/2017 Ask a Local

September 2018 in Paris

Things to do in Paris September 2018! It's La Rentrée, and everyone is back in Paris for work and school. The days are still long and bright so make the most of it before autumn rolls in. Here to help you is our list of what do in September in the city of light!


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